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Heating Installation

A new heating system isn’t an everyday purchase. You get one chance at a decision that greatly affects your budget and comfort for years to come. With our long, cold, and downright brutal winter weather in Chicagoland, making the right choice is especially important. The best place to start is a free estimate from North Star Air Solution. We take a complex process and simplify every step.

Heating Repair

For residential and commercial heating repair in Chicagoland, North Star Air Solution provides expert, prompt, and affordable service of all makes and models. We handle the most complex issues with straightforward solutions that ensure safe, efficient, and reliable operation. Fully licensed, bonded, and insured, our team of heating specialists draws from extensive industry training, in-field experience, and state-of-the-art equipment to get to the bottom of problems quickly.

Heating Service

Our level of commitment is the key to your lasting satisfaction. North Star Air Solution takes every extra step to eliminate the wasted time, hassle, and aggravation that is too often a part of the heating service. We recognize that you don’t have unlimited time to wait for a delayed technician. Know that we provide flexible scheduling, arrive promptly, and complete all work in an efficient, organized fashion. We utilize the necessary measures to prevent damage to your home or office, retrieve all discarded equipment, and perform cleanup when the job is done. By maintaining all components in optimum condition, you’ll save money on energy waste, malfunctions, and premature system failure. We’ll also make sure your heating equipment operates safely.

Heat Pump Installation & Repair

When you come to us for new heat pumps, you can choose from a generous selection of quality products. Rely on the knowledge of our HVAC experts to help you find the right fit for your energy-efficiency goals and budget. After you choose your ideal product, you can sit back and relax while our highly trained technicians provide you with a quick and efficient heat pump installation.

Just because your heat pump isn’t working properly doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to jump right into installing a new one. At North Star Air Solution, our technicians can come to your home to quickly assess and repair the issue. In no time, we can have your equipment back in working order with a heat pump repair that will last.

Tips to consider when choosing a new heating system for your home.

  • Efficiency: Look for heating systems that are energy-efficient and have a high Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating. Such heating system ensures less energy consumption which will save your money on utility bills.
  • Size: Choosing the right size heating system for your home is essential as a system too small will struggle to keep your home warm, on the other hand the one that is too large will waste energy and cost you more money.
  • Fuel type: Consider a heating system that uses fuel type that is easily available in your area and fits your budget. Some popular options are natural gas, propane, oil, and electric.
  • Cost: Consider both the installation upfront cost of the heating system and the long-term operating costs. A heating system that is cheap in price may end up costing you more in the long run if it is not energy-efficient.
  • Warranty: A heating system with good warranty will help you protect against any unexpected repairs or replacements.
  • Professional installation: Make sure that your heating system is installed by a professional to ensure that it is installed correctly and functions safely.

Why Choose Us?

As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, North Star Air Solutions provide access to advanced & modern heating systems. Our smart systems are designed to adapt to changing demands, achieving high levels of efficiency while maintaining consistent temperature, low sound levels, and offering zoned control and Wi-Fi connectivity for added convenience.

North Star Air Solution exemplifies quality. Across a diversity of residential and commercial services, we provide sustainable solutions to heating, cooling, air quality and so much more. We invite you to contact us at (847) 796-6272, speak with a knowledgeable representative of our staff and let us set your mind at ease. Putting our expertise, experiences, and resources at your disposal, we achieve certain and satisfying results with a quick turnaround.

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